Solar Sound Marching Band started in 1984 as St. Cloud All City Marching Band, after St. Cloud School District 742 cut funding for the individual marching band programs in both area high schools. With the help of a strong booster group, the City of St. Cloud, business leaders and several individuals, a new marching band was created – The St. Cloud All City High School Marching Band. This new band was unique in that it combined students from different area high schools, representing a unified St. Cloud! Today’s summer and winter programs enjoy a mix of students from nearly a dozen different area schools in the St. Cloud community and beyond.


And, since the St. Cloud All City Marching Band was not a required school music program, the students that joined the band chose to be there and worked hard to excel. This naturally created a strong and dynamic work ethic and dedication to the group right from the beginning. Now, more than 25 years later, these founding attributes are still clearly evident. It is experienced at practice and even in homes. But where it really shines is on the street. You’ll see the pride and commitment on the faces of each and every one of our members.





Until 1999, the St. Cloud All-City Marching Band was comprised of high schoolers only. That year, the organization began allowing junior high students to join the band extending the membership to 7-12 graders.

With the success of the summer marching program and the dedication from our students came an interest of extending the performance season. Since we can’t march in Minnesota’s winter, the St. Cloud All-City Marching Band formed the Winter Drumline in 1995.

In 1999, the organization added another winter program, the Eclipse Winterguard, again to give participants the opportunity to extend their performance season and compete with organizations from around the state, region and even the country.

With interest from families and students to begin performing even earlier than 7th grade, a junior summer marching band – the Blue Jackets – was added to the mix in 2008. The Blue Jackets is comprised of energetic sixth graders.

Because we had so much interest from communities outside of the St. Cloud area, in 2015 the summer marching band’s name was changed to Solar Sound Marching Band to encompass all students involved with the program, and to stay in theme with our winter programs, Aurora and Eclipse. In 2017 the Blue Jackets Junior Band was renamed to Solar Sound Junior Marching Band so they would not be left out!

The purpose of this organization is to provide a challenging, enjoyable, educational marching band, winter colorguard and winter drumline related experiences for members.  Our mission statement is:  We passionately strive to achieve pride and excellence through teamwork, leadership, respect and fun.





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