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Winter Drumline

Are you a summer marching band member, that just doesn’t want the season to end? Are you a horn player that wants to try their hand at percussion? Or do you just love that thumping rhythm and the cheers of the crowd? Whatever your reason, joining the award-winning Aurora Winter Drumline is a fun and exciting way to heat up Minnesota’s coldest months.

Who Can Join? Aurora Winter Drumline is comprised of students from grade 7 up to age 22 in St. Cloud and neighboring communities that do not offer a similar performance opportunity. If your school doesn’t have a winter drumline and you’re finishing up 7th grade, you can join!

Experience IS NOT needed! Even though the drumline gets many returning veterans each year, most new students will have never performed in a Drumline before. Each season begins with the basics – keeping the beat and learning to use the instruments and equipment. Experience doesn’t matter. We’re looking for kids who want to have fun and excel in something very special. If you put forth the effort, we’ll find a place for you.

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