Summer Marching at its Finest!  Pride, Friendship and Fun!

When you join the Solar Sound Marching Band, you become much more than a performer marching down the street. Sure, the parades are fun, but that’s just the start. In fact, if you ask current or past members, performing is actually down the list a bit – right after friends, fun and pride.


Who Can Join? Solar Sound  Marching Band is comprised of students grades 7-12 from St. Cloud and neighboring communities that do not offer a marching opportunity. So, if your school doesn’t have a marching band program and you’re finishing up 7th grade, you can join! Can’t wait to get started? We also have a Junior Band called the “Blue Jackets” especially for 6th graders.


Experience IS NOT needed! Even though the band gets many returning veterans each year, most new students won’t know how to march. Many don’t even play an instrument. Each season begins with the basics: learning how to march in unison, working as a team and using the equipment. Experience doesn’t matter. We’re looking for kids who want to have fun and excel in something very special. If you put forth the effort, we’ll find a place for you.

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